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Hi! My name is Ian, but my partner calls me Bambi.(Hence the OS name) I'm a 26 year old dude living in Michigan with my boyfriend and I'm learning HTML/CSS/JS as well as how to fiddle with computers.

I love vintage PC software and games, specifically from the late 90s to early 2000s. I have a real passion for collecting and playing with things that give me strong nostalgia and I wanted to make a site to kind of compile resources, review those games, and maybe help other nostalgia chasers on their journey back through their early years.

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Welcome to Bambi OS

Vintage Software and Game Resources

Do you enjoy PC software from the 90s-2000s? Did you play kids games that you almost remember but can't quite find?

This site might be helpful for you.

Click on the book icon for help or the explorer icon for a site directory. You can also click on the paper and pencil icon for news, reviews and helpful information

Have questions? Email me at: noxfungi@gmail.com


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